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Friday, January 25, 2008

America's Giving Challenge for Clay Aiken's BubelAiken Foundation

There is a current challenge by Parade Magazine to see who can get the most individual donors for their favorite foundation. The top 4 winners foundations will receive $50,000. The minimum donation is only $10.00.

The BAF is trying to raise money for their summer camp program called Let's All Play. The camps are for both children with disabilities & children without to experience camp together. Both sets of children benefit from this experience. It costs the foundation about $10,000 for each camp. Please help the Bubel Aiken Foundation win $50,000 to fund 5 Let's All Play camps.

Click on the link in the sidebar to donate. If you use paypal you must make sure the paypal fees are added to your donation if you are giving the minimum $10.00 for your donation to count.

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