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Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Closing out the Jukebox Tour

With 9/19 and the release of Clay's 3rd album A Thousand Different Ways fast approaching it's time to bring a close to the JBT.

The 2000's medley includes 3 of Clay's songs. I Will Carry You, The Way & When You Say You Love Me. Montage Tsunamimommy

There were 4 new songs tested during the JBT.

Just You montage by Tsunamimommy

1000 Days which we now know is on A Thousand Different Ways montage by Tsunamimommy

Tears Run Dry montage by Tsunamimommy

Back For More montage by Tsunamimommy

The Jukebox Tour closed with Invisible, montage by Tsunamimommy

Since all of these videos are montages by Tsunamimommy I thought I should include the final video credits as well.

And Just incase you have already forgotten that Clay's new cd A Thousand Different Ways will be here in 3 short weeks here's another reminder.

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